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LMB Bisque & Art Studio

Let Your Creativity Shine Through 


To allow people to be creative in their own right ! Whether it is painting or creating Jewerly . The possibilities are limitedless . You are your  only limit ! So let’s create and make memories to last a Life time. Enjoy something you have made and be proud of. 


LMB Bisque & Art Studio is not your normal art studio. A safe space for your to be expressive in your art. The atmosphere and setting is soothing but yet energetic with positive vibes that is very contagious . Our vision is to uplift people and let them be their unique self by letting them create limitless possibilities , whether it is painting , paint pouring , creating jewerly., making pottery , breaking pottery , Kintsugi , mending pottery back together . There is no artistic ability needed , you would just need to be 100 percent unapologetically  & authentically  Yourself . You will broaden your horizons and let your creativity shine through just by being you. 


ChantelRenea CEO and Owner of LMB Bisque & Art Studio started creating Jewerly in 2011 for people who love ones has transition on. ChantelRenea Was inspired by her dear mother who had transition on , she was her everything . ChantelRenea wears a yellow flower in her hair and yellow bracelets on her wrist  in her Memory of Her mom. Her empathy runs deep and her desire to uplift others is essential. She wanted to create a creative safe space where people can come and be be expressive through art . Painting is exciting , fun and very therapeutic. Whether it is creating your own Jewerly or Painting , No Experience Needed ! JUST BE YOU! As you are fearfully and wonderfully made ! Let your inner Picasso shine through. ChantelRenea believes that to live a creative life you must lose the fear of being wrong their is no wrong In Art, perfectly imperfect is a program here that is special and Taylor made to fit exactly what you need because you are unique and what you will create will be too all just by being you . 

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