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Perfectly Imperfect Expressive Art Therapy

Welcome to expressive art therapy

Perfectly Imperfect , here at LMB Bisque & Art Studios where therapeutic art is for healing , happiness and stress reduction take place , through mediation and creativity . You can express yourself without really talking about it , whether it’s through visual arts , language arts, clay therapy & color therapy .We use these techniques but not limited to. it’s not based on artistic outcomes , but rather on the process of creativity going within, letting your emotions and feelings write your true story doing the inside  work. This is a creative outlet to relieve tension that tends to build up , in this process it’s really not about the final product but more about the transformation along the way of process. So sign up today , let go of any fears , judgement free zone,  be free , letting the authentic you shine through unapologetically you .


"Making Hearts Smile"

Call studio to reserve , 404-434-8154

We are not Covid 19 friendly environment  you will need you mask to enter any sessions 

Kintsugi is a form of Art that focus on and highlights imperfections help us to accept our flaws and foster a sense of peace and fulfillment, this state of pottery shows fragility , beauty and strength . I think being broken or damage is a good thing because it gives you character and build resilience and shapes you into  the person you are today . We all have scars and to accept them don’t hide them and embrace your imperfections . Instead of covering up flaws Kintsugi embraces the imperfections .this will also be a part of our curriculum for Expressive Art Therapy Class Perfectly Imperfect

Living in a used and dispose era , I like to think we can appreciate the art of kintsugj 💛 it’s teaches us resilience. Helps us to think about putting together fragments of our own selves . And can help with restoring our own broken parts both physical and phycological .. *All painting cost is separate*

Paint Pouring is a form of Art that allows you to let go the fear of being wrong . This concept allows you to be free , because you have to let go of fear to release any anxiety of letting go. This concept I call it Let Go and Lets Go, as simple as releasing paint over canvas can be hard because you don’t know what the outcome maybe and how it May turn out . The good thing about art is you can’t mess it up , but what you can do is spice it up . Release & Let Go. *prices are for bundle deal only

Gem Painting is a form is color therapy there are many different techniques but here where we learn about colors and what they mean to us and why we use them in our daily life habits whether it is the clothes you wear or even the way you decorate your home to what color the car you drive . Once we learn about each color and how that color can effect your mood and or mindset this will help you understand yourself a little more . This technique we use color gems to paint with meaning .*price is for bundle deal only 

Language Art Therapy there are many forms of this  style of Art , we will focus on Art Journaling , painting with your hands , or drawing with markers which ever you feel your best at doing . Art Journaling is a judgement free zone , a zone where you just let it all hang out , be your authentic self and be unapologetically you. This is where you get whatever is in your head out on paper. Learn what your triggers are and challenge yourself to take them on and confront them. Without saying a word letting your art journaling do the talking . * price is for bundle deal .only .

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